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    Coby Pachmayr

    We are looking to hire one or more web designer-developers either freelance, part-time, and/or full-time.

    We have recently added Oxygen and are interested in exploring hiring options from within the community. If you have a strong portfolio of sites that you designed in WordPress, and are someone who with a high standard for attention to detail, and able to commit to timelines and work within our team/brand culture, we'd like to connect.

    We work with some large-name firms and often have tight/strict deadlines... so while "freelance" is okay, this isn't a great opportunity for someone who dabbles in freelance work on the side... but it is a good opportunity for someone who is already freelancing full-time, and a great designer, but not focused on sales or client acquisition.

    Our primary need is from the "design" side: mapping our client's specific needs with our specific approach to design and content development into the website design. If you happen to have strong coding/developer skills, that's a great bonus, but designing the site structure, choosing the right design elements, etc. are our key focus.

    You can check out our company and view testimonials and get a sense of what we provide, our brand culture, and more at
    If you're interested, please contact us. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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