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    Ken Taylor

    2nd day using Oxygen V2 (O2).
    Problem: When I select New Post > Add the Title > click Save Draft > there's no "edit with O2)
    What I've done: After installing O2 I installed the BNB theme. I only changed the Main, adding my Logo. I never touched the other templates.
    Any suggestions?

    Note: This post was posted to both the Facebook group and support.

    Feeling a bit frustrated. I've watched the VDOs. I can't figure what I'm doing wronig.
    Appreciate any suggestions.


    Ken Taylor

    Problem Solved. Wish I could delete this post.



    Hi, the same happens to me. Could you tell what you did ? Thanx.


    Sadie Oliver

    Me too - please can you let us know what you did to solve it? I deactivated and reactivated the oxygen plugin but still not showing. Thanks


    Ken Taylor

    @p1afff & Sadie Oliver. Deepest apologies for not replying sooner. You're not going to like how I solved the problem. I dumped Oxygen got a refund and went back to Elementor-free version.
    IMPORTANT: I'm a simple blogger and of all the Page Builders out there Elementor is the most "Blogger Friendly" especially with the Astra-Agency (I have the lifetime).
    Oxygen is probably the best for "Website Developers" who make a living designing fancy websites. If I was a developer, I would definitely stay with Oxygen. Sorry I can't be of more help. Please don't take this as a negative, it's more of a "not-right-for-me".


    Landon Otis

    I also had this problem. The issue ended up being that I did not add an "Inner Content" block to my "Default Page" template. Once the template had an "Inner Content" block, the button showed up. Hope this helps.



    It might be a late post. I am using Oxygen 2.0. I did experience the same issue using WordPress 5 with Gutenberg editor, the "Edit With Oxygen" is not showing in Edit Post. I downloaded and activated "Classic Editor" plugin in WordPress. The "Edit With Oxygen" is now showing up in the classic editor interface. Hope it helps!


    Kevin Ross

    Thank you Landon - same here, I accidentally removed the inner content block, adding it back again fixed the issue.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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