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    There's a problem with UI, the icons and boxes are shown as double and the alignments keep jumping.




    Here's the right screenshot:



    Hi Alpur,

    1. What's the server configuration?
    2. Which OS and browser are you using?
    3. Local or live?
    4. Which version of Oxygen are you using?
    5. Have you disabled all other active plugins to see if the issue persists?
    6. Can you replicate this on a Sandbox install at ?
    7. If you can, what are the exact steps we need to take to replicate the issue?



    1. It's hosted on hosting provider
    2. Win 10 64bit Chrome latest updates
    3. Live
    4. 2.1.2
    5. It seams that there's a conflict with the plugin: "Lazy Load by WP Rocket" but I can't replicate the problem when installing it on Sandbox install
    6. Nope.
    7. Nope.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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